Scooter thefts are way up this year.

Hello to all that may come across this post. I have no idea how to attempt to get this message to everybody that may be affected by this massive increase. If you come across it and know someone with a scooter, please pass this word of warning along to them.

PLEASE CHAIN YOUR SCOOTER TO SOMETHING THAT CAN NOT BE EASILY CUT WITH A STURDY CHAIN. Also, please do that every single time you are not riding your scooter. We know that it can be something of a pain to do that if you’re only running inside somewhere for 5 minutes. But that’s all it takes for a scooter to disappear. Sometimes forever.

We have had approximately 60 scooters come through here this summer, with varying degrees of damage. Many of the scooters were uninsured or did not have theft coverage. So, it’s also a good idea to take a look at your insurance situation, or get some if you don’t already have some. Minimum coverage is required in DC anyway, but, it’s worth it to get a more comprehensive policy with as low a deductible as you can manage.

Stella Birthday Party Is Still Going On







It’s OK to be fashionably late to the party, well, up to the point that the party is over. However, this party is still in full swing.899767_10206728648712805_1422246638_o


Save $500 on a Stella Automatica. $2999 until 6/30/2015

Yes, you heard that correctly, the Stella Automatica is on sale until the end of May. Normal freight and prep charges do apply.
All the classic scooter lines, with the new automatic transmission. Yep, it’s the best of both worlds.

We currently have the Metallic Black in stock. Photos don’t do this paint justice. The metal flake really does something stunning in the sunlight.


Also, we have the Metallic Red in as well, same stunning flake with this one as well.




Important service scheduling information – Please read

Battery season is upon us. We are filling up with bikes coming out of hibernation, perhaps yours is one of those? If so, please call ahead to set up an appointment, or an all clear to bring the bike to us. We are a small shop, and can’t really do servicing in the “Quick Oil Change While You Wait” model. We fill up on space quickly, both physically and in the schedule. We do attempt to service bikes in the order in which they arrive. In order to do that in a way that is fair to all of our customers, we need to have the best idea possible what we are expecting. It’s not a good feeling to have to turn someone away because we weren’t expecting them, and wouldn’t be able to accommodate them on the spot.

Please help us help you in the shortest time possible by calling ahead, or if you have scheduled an appointment and can’t make it please let us know.

New Winter Hours

Starting January 11, 2015, we will be closed on Sundays until the around the time that bears stop hibernating.

We will let you know when it’s safe to return on that day.polar bear sniffing out  the air after  five months of hibernation

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Modern Classics services a wide variety of vintage and modern scooters.

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